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Worcester Bosch Boiler Pressure Settings

When it comes to your Worcester Bosch boiler, you can be sure of great quality, and good longevity. Especially if you keep up to date with regular boiler maintenance and boiler servicing. Here at Mark Vernon, we are Worcester Bosch boiler experts. From installation and maintenance, to servicing and repair, we can help keep your boiler in tip top condition. And part of this is maintaining the boiler pressure level. But what is this, and why is it important? Well, this is our guide to the Worcester Bosch boiler pressure settings.

Worcester Bosch Boiler Pressure Settings

All boilers need to be kept at the optimal level of pressure to perform efficiently and effectively. A boiler with not enough pressure will be struggling to heat your home, or provide an adequate level of hot water. Which means it will need to work much harder than usual, and this is not very efficient. Too much pressure, and your boiler will still struggle to reach desired temperatures. In fact, pressure issues can lead to a full boiler breakdown. So keeping an eye on the pressure gauge should be a regular part of your boiler maintenance.

Worcester Bosch Boiler Pressure Settings

As with the majority of boilers, Worcester Bosch boilers should be set to one bar of pressure for optimum performance. If your boiler pressure has dropped, you could:

  1. Switch off your boiler and wait for the system to fully cool down
  2. Locate the filling loop hose and ensure that both ends of the hose are attached to the valves.
  3. Open the valves very carefully with the handle, or a screwdriver, and allow cold water from the mains to enter the system. You will be able to hear the water flowing in.
  4. Watch the pressure gauge as the water enters the system and once it hits 1 bar, close each of the valves in turn.
  5. The pressure should stay at this level. But if it drops, even after a few hours, you need to contact the professionals.

For professional support with Worcester Bosch boiler pressure changes, get in touch with the experts, here at Mark Vernon.

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Worcestor Bosch boiler maintenance advice

When it comes to protecting your boiler, there is nothing more important than boiler maintenance. Maintaining your boiler can help you notice any changes in your boilers efficiency and performance, as well as any potential issues. This will help you solve problems as they arise,instead of being left with a full boiler breakdown. Here at Mark Vernon, we are Worcester Bosch boiler experts. As a result, we have produced this Worcester Bosch boiler maintenance advice.

Dust and dirt

Dust and dirt can be a nightmare to a boiler. And if you want to keep your boiler up and running, you need to keep it free from dust and dirt. This is because, any dirt that does enter the boiler, can interfere with both the fans and the filters, as well block pipes and lodge onto heating elements. Any foreign bodies that creep into the boilers system can reduce performance and output.

Boiler pressure

The pressure gauge on the front of your boiler should be checked frequently to make sure your boiler is operating effectively. The pressure gauge would have been set to 1 bar during the installation of the boiler. And a boiler that is losing pressure, or gaining pressure, could be a showing signs of an ongoing issue. That could result in a full boiler breakdown. As a result, a drop in pressure is usually a good indicator that you should contact a professional and certified gas engineer.

The water level

Along with the boiler pressure, the water level in your boiler is also something that you should check frequently. Although you probably never think about it, the water level is a key indicator of the health of your entire central heating system. A boiler that is losing water could have a leak. And if left untreated, this could be very costly.

For all your boiler advice or queries, contact us at Mark Vernon today.

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Choosing the right size Worcester Bosch combination boiler

Choosing the right boiler size is necessary to ensure that your home will be kept warm and supplied with hot water. A boiler that is too small will struggle to warm your radiators, but a boiler that is too large, will then be wasting fuel. So while it is essential to get it right, it doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here at Mark Vernon, we are leading Worcester Bosch boiler experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to choosing the right size Worcester Bosch combination boiler.

The number of radiators

One of the boiler’s principal roles is to provide heat to your homes radiators. And you need to be able to control this heat so that your home will stay the perfect temperature. This means that your boiler needs to be have a large enough power output to force the hot water, or steam, around your central heating system, and warm each of your radiators equally. As a result, the more radiators your home has, the larger the boiler you will need.

The amount of bathrooms

Similarly, it is also the combination boilers role to provide hot water on demand. In a combination boiler there is no hot water storage tank. This means that when the hot water tap is switched on, the boiler will heat the water immediately, and be able to push this around the system. As a result, if there is more than one bathroom, you will need a larger boiler to be able to provide the necessary hot water.

Amount of people in your home

Finally, the number of people in your home can also determine the size of the boiler that is necessary. This is because the more people in your home, the larger the demand for hot water. While a one person household will only need one shower or bath daily, a four person household will need four. This is a lit more hot water and places a higher demand on the boiler itself. As a result, a home with more people will need a larger boiler.

For more information or advice, get in touch with the Worcester Bosch boiler experts, here at Mark Vernon.

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Problems with your Worcester Bosch boiler

Here at Mark Vernon, we are Worcester Bosch boiler experts. And we install, maintain, service and repair these boilers around the region. But why do boilers experience problems? And what are some common problems you might encounter? Well, this is our guide to problems with your Worcester Bosch boiler.


Hard water can play havoc with any boiler. This is because it contains particles of magnesium and calcium that are not found in soft water. As a result, when the water is heated within the boiler, the calcium bonds with the carbon dioxide to produce calcium carbonate, or limescale. This limescale can coat the pipes and the boiler, as well as the radiator, and makes it harder for your central heating system to work efficiently. In fact, your boiler might start to make rumbling noises, or whistling noises, like a kettle. To stop this from reoccurring, you could powerflush the system. This would remove lime-scale and return your boiler to full efficiency.

Lack of pressure

A boiler that has a lack of pressure, will struggle to push the water around your central heating system. This means that your radiators will not heat up as much, and neither will your water. A drop in pressure can be caused by a water leak somewhere in your central heating system, and this means that you might need to hire a professional to take look and identify the source of the issue. They will also show you how to re-pressurise the system.

Lack of Heat or Hot Water

Finally, your boiler may stop producing heating,or hot water, completely. Usually one or the other will cause a problem, and sometimes the issue will be with the central heating system itself, rather than the boiler. For example, if you have hot water but no heating, your radiators may need bleeding. However, it is impossible to identify the issue without  a professional opinion.

If you experience any problems with your Worcester Bosch boiler, contact the experts today, here at Mark Vernon.

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Where to install your Worcester Bosch Boiler

Here at Mark Vernon, we are heating and plumbing experts, with Worcester Bosch boilers being our area of expertise. From repair and maintenance, to installing new boilers, we are the team you can rely on. But before you install your new boiler, you need to know where to put it. And there are some things to consider. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you decide where to install your Worcester Bosch boiler.

Strength of the wall

A boiler with a tank full of water can be very heavy. So whichever wall you plan on fixing your boiler too, it needs to be strong enough to cope. So a plasterboard partition wall for example may not be suitable.

Air vents

Most new combination boilers do not need to be kept cool with an air vent. This is because of the efficiency of the boiler. As a result, your boiler may not need to be stored in a place with an air vent to perform well.

Frost protection

Many homeowners decide to install the boiler in the garage of the outhouse. This can be a great idea, but you need to make sure your boiler is protected from frost. This is because the temperatures will be lower in the garage and this can increase the risk of freezing pipes.

Bathroom installations

Boilers can be installed effectively in bathrooms although there are additional,specific building regulations and wiring regulations you will need to meet.

The flue and the pipes

In addition to the boiler, there are regulations that govern the placement of the flue and the pipes.

In regards to the flue, there are minimum distances that you will need to adhere to. And wherever you choose to install the boiler, the flue is not allowed to be too close to windows, buildings or air bricks.



For any help and advice, contact us at Mark Vernon Heating and Plumbing today.

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Worcester Bosch condensing boilers

When it comes to your commercial or domestic heating, your boiler is an essential choice. That’s why we at Mark Vernon Heating and Plumbing say that you should go with a brand leading manufacturer, like Worcester Bosch. But once you have decided on a brand, you also need to choose the right type of boiler. Many new boilers are now condensing boilers, and this might be different to the boiler you are replacing. But you will find a huge range of benefits when it comes to swapping to one of the Worcester Bosch condensing boilers.

What is a condensing boiler?

So, if you are looking to replace your boiler, why should you consider a Worcester Bosch condensing boiler? Well, a condensing boiler has a much larger heat exchanger than a traditional boiler. This means that when your boiler burns fuel, and waste heat energy is produced, instead of releasing this heat energy, it is instead passed back through the system. As a result, a condensing boiler draws as much energy from the waste products as possible. This energy efficient method of heating means that a condensing boiler can actually recycle 90% of the heat that would otherwise be wasted.

The advantages of condensing boilers

There are several advantages of purchasing a Worcester Bosch condensing boiler. These include:

  • helping the environment
  • saving money

The environment

An energy efficient boiler draws much less energy from our limited natural resources, and this means that a condensing boiler can lower your carbon footprint. In addition, a condensing boiler also releases a lot less waste when compared to an older, traditional boiler. Because much of the waste is recycled, a condensing boiler is much cleaner for the environment.

Cost Efficiency

A boiler that draws more heat from recycled energy will help you save money as you will need to use less fuel to heat your home. As a result, installing a new Worcester Bosch condensing boiler could save you £300 a year on energy bills!

For more information or advice about your new boiler installation, get in touch with the experts today, here at Mark Vernon Heating and Plumbing.

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Choosing your Worcester Bosch Boiler

Choosing a new Worcester Bosch boiler can be overwhelming, with the huge range of choice available. Not to mention the variety of unfamiliar terminology and the pressure of getting the right boiler for your home. However, here at Mark Vernon heating and plumbing, we are Worcester Bosch boiler experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to choosing your Worcester Bosch boiler.


When it comes to choosing your Worcester Bosch boiler, make sure you have a budget outlined. And dont forget that you may need extra to cover the installation and servicing of your new boiler. While some new boilers can set you back more than £4000, others may only cost around £1000. Shop around for the best deal, and only look for boilers in your price range.

Know your Worcester Bosch Boiler types

Worcester Bosch boilers are available in a range of options. From conventional boilers that need a hot water storage tank, to the compact combination boiler, you have a number of options. Do your research before you start shopping and make sure you know which type of boiler would best suite your needs. As a result, your boiler search will be easier and more focused.

Know your Worcester Bosch Boiler Sizes

Available in a variety of sizes, different size boilers service different size homes. As a result, it is important that you choose the right size boiler for your home. A boiler too large could be wasting gas, while a boiler too small won’t be able to heat your property. Why not contact the professionals for help or advice? We are always happy to help, here at Mark Vernon Heating and Plumbing.

Decide on the Boiler Position

The final step is to decide on the boiler position. A new boiler installed in the existing boiler space tends to be cheaper, as the pipework is already in place. However, this is not a suitable decision for all homes, and you will need to decide where your boiler is best to be placed.

For more information or advice about choosing your Worcester Bosch boiler, get in touch today.

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Advantages of a Worcester Bosch Combination Boiler

Combination boilers are the most popular boiler option for households across the UK. But why are they so popular, and why are they better than the conventional boiler? Well, here at Mark Vernon Heating and Plumbing, we are Southport’s leading boiler experts, with a special focus on Worcester Bosch boilers. We work across the area to provide top quality boiler and gas solutions to homeowners, including repairing, maintaining, and installing Worcestor Bosch boilers. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of a Worcester Bosch combination boiler.

What is a combination boiler?

A combination boiler, or a combi-boiler is so called because it provides hot water for the central heating system, and hot water taps, all at once. And it does not use a storage tank. Instead, it heats the water directly from the mains when needed, and distributes this around the central heating system, as one combined system.

Advantages of a Worcester Bosch Combination Boiler

There are many advantages of a combination boiler. These include:

  • unlimited hot water
  • smaller size
  • less pipework
  • good water pressure

Combination boilers provide unlimited hot water

While conventional boilers filled up a hot water storage tank to provide the home with hot water and heating, a combination boiler does not. And this means that you will never run out of hot water. Unlike conventional boilers when the storage tank became empty. This also means you won’t have to wait for the tank to be filled back up. Instead, you can have hot water whenever you need it.

However, because the water is heated directly from the mains, it is not usually possible to have the hot water running at two taps at once with a combination boiler. While this can be achieved with a conventional boiler.

Smaller size, less pipework

Because combination boilers do not require storage tanks or cylinders, they take up a lot less space in your home. So instead of having to install your boiler in the loft, it can now reside in your kitchen or airing cupboard. It can even be boxed in so you dont have to look at it.

As well as the small size, combination boilers require less pipework. And this means that they are generally easier to install.

If you are looking for a new boiler installation, or need more advice, why not contact the experts at Mark Vernon Heating and Plumbing?

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Heating your home for less this winter

Here at Mark Vernon Heating and Plumbing, we are Worcester Bosch boiler specialists. Now the weather has turned, and with Christmas just around the corner, your boiler is more important than ever. Heating your home is essential to your daily life this winter, but that doesn’t mean you need to pay over the odds for heating. This is our guide to heating your home for less this winter.

Worcestor Bosch Boiler Servicing

The first step to make sure that your heating doesn’t cost too much this winter is to get your boiler serviced. This is because a boiler service tests the efficiency of the boiler, and as a result, can ensure that the boiler is working to its best possible capacity. As such, it would use less fuel, and cost less money to run, saving you money on your heating bills. It also has the added benefit of ensuring that your boiler wont fully breakdown this winter.
If you are part of a boiler plan, you can even get your boiler serviced for free. Here at Mark Vernon, we are boiler servicing experts. So if your Worcester Bosch Boiler needs servicing, look no further.

The thermostat

As soon as the temperature outside drops, it can be second nature to reach for the thermostat. However, constantly turning your thermostat up and down is not a good energy saving option, and can instead cost you more over the winter. In contrast, keeping your thermostat set to a slightly warmer, steady temperature, somewhere between 19 and 21, can actually be more beneficial. Your boiler will not have to work as hard to maintain a warmer temperature in your home, and so, it will not be turning on and off regularly. This means it will use less fuel, saving you money on your heating bills.

For more information or advice, get in touch with the experts today, here at Mark Vernon Heating and Plumbing.

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Worcester Bosch Boilers and hard water

When it comes to your boiler, good maintenance is the key to a long lifespan. This means being aware of any changes in your boiler behaviour, or in your central heating system. As leading Worcester Bosch boiler experts, we regularly tackle boilers that are suffering from the effects of hard water. Here at Mark Vernon, we have produced this guide to Worcestor Bosch Boilers and hard water.

What is hard water?

Hard water is simply water that also contains dissolved magnesium and calcium ions. These dissolve into the water from different rock types, which is why different parts of the country have different levels of hard and soft water. In the North West, the water is often moderately hard. But what does this means for your boiler?

Boilers and hard water

Because of the additional ions, hard water can be damaging to not only your boiler, but your central heating system as a whole. This is because, when the water is heated, the ions are left behind, bonding to become calcium carbonate. More commonly known as limescale. This limescale can be damaging to your boiler, your pipes, and your radiators.

Inside your boiler, limescale can cling to the heating element, and prevent your boiler from heating the water efficiently. As a result, your boiler will need to use more fuel, and more energy, to heat your home. This will cause a rise in your bills, and can out additional strain on your boiler.

Hard water also effects your pipes. Pipes that have a calcium carbonate build up cannot conduct the heat properly, and also have restricted access for the gas and water to flow through. As a result, your home will not be heated as quickly as it used to be, and again, your boiler will need to work harder to power your home.

Finally, hard water also builds up in your radiators. This means that cold spots will develop inside your radiator, and your home will not feel as warm as usual.

If you notice any cold spots, or hear any whistling or rattling noises from your boiler or pipes, contact a professional team, like us here at Mark Vernon.