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Winter maintenance for your Worcester Bosch boiler

With Christmas fast approaching, and the weather dramatically cooling, now is a good time to stay on top of your boiler maintenance schedule. Looking after your boiler during the winter months is critical for keeping your home warm and welcoming, as well as being supplied with hot water. But what does winter maintenance for your Worcester Bosch boiler involve? And how can you take care of your boiler this winter? Well, here at Mark Vernon, we are Worcester Bosch boiler experts. And this is our guide to everything you should know about winter boiler maintenance.

Winter maintenance for your Worcester Bosch boiler

To keep your boiler functioning effectively this winter, you should consider:

  • Checking your boiler pressure- The pressure gauge on the front of your boiler should be frequently checked to ensure that your boiler is operating effectively. The pressure gauge should have been set to 1 bar during the installation of the boiler. So a pressure gauge that shows a higher or lower setting can indicated that your boiler is losing pressure, or gaining pressure, could be a showing signs of an ongoing issue. That could result in a full boiler breakdown.
  • Insulating external pipes- The condensate pipe, and any other pipe that leads to the outside will need to be insulated to protect against freezing winter conditions. Frozen pipes can easily cause a full boiler breakdown, and this is completely preventable by simply using the right insulation.
  • Check the thermostats- a broken thermostat will not send the right signal to the boiler, which usually results in cold rooms. In winter, this becomes particularly noticeable, when your room fails to reach the desired temperate. To prevent this, make sure you check your thermostats are working, and have these fixed in time for the winter weather.

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