Central heating systems invariably suffer circulation issues after time. These problems can be caused by a variety of things such as a build up of sludge (black tar like debris), a build up of scale or even as a result of debris caused by internal corrosion of metal.

A tell tale sign that your boiler or pump is working hard to allow proper circulation is increased noise levels. It can often become apparent that there could be a circulation problem following the installation of a new boiler system, or following major heating system alterations. It is absolutely critical that any debris or sludge causing these problems is removed so as not to put the new boiler system at risk of premature failure.

Powerflushing throughout Southport

Mark Vernon Heating and Plumbing carry out cost effective powerflushing services which deliver instant results in terms of heat output from your radiators. Removing debris can instantly improve circulation, improve heat output and lower fuel bills.

If you experience any of the following problems, it could be a sign that your central heating system requires flushing:

  • Unusual noise from your boiler or pump
  • Excessive time taken for water to run hot
  • Unexpectedly low pressure water flow from your hot taps
  • Reduction in your hot water temperature
  • Sludge or rust present in your central heating system
  • Leaks occur from your radiators or other parts of your central heating system
  • Heating Power Flush

What else?

Of course, if you are interested in powerflushing – you might also like to consider some of our additional services such as boiler replacement. Contact us to find out more…

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