Advantages of a Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi compact combi boiler

If you’re thinking of installing a new combination (combi) boiler, the Greenstar CDi compact boiler might have grabbed your attention. This is one of the most popular boiler types. But what makes this boiler so effective? And why should you choose this boiler? Well, here at Mark Vernon heating and plumbing, we are Worcester Bosch […]

Considerations when choosing a new Worcester Bosch Boiler

Choosing a new Worcester Bosch boiler can be overwhelming, with the wide range of choices available. Not to mention the variety of unfamiliar terminology and the pressure of choosing the right type of boiler for your home. However, here at Mark Vernon heating and plumbing, we are Worcester Bosch boiler experts. As a result, we […]

Understanding condensing technology for Worcester Bosch boilers

One of the best things about a new boiler is the level of efficiency. While you might think this is only relevant to the environment, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions, but it actually benefits you too. A more efficient boiler is one that uses less fuel, to achieve the same or improved outcomes. Being able […]

Advantages of installing a Worcester Bosch combination boiler this New Year

With 2021 fast approaching, many homeowners are checking over their to do lists, and deciding on the important changes they need to make in the New Year. For many, a new boiler will be top priority. Especially as the temperatures are set to plummet. But from all the available boilers, why opt for a Worcester […]

Looking after your Worcester Bosch boiler this winter

Any boiler needs to be well cared for, for it to remain productive, and efficient for a long period of time. This usually involves simple general maintenance tasks, but these few minutes of your routine could help to prevent a full boiler breakdown in the future. And this becomes increasingly important in the winter months. […]

Advantages of Worcester Bosch system boilers

Here at Mark Vernon Heating and Plumbing, we are Southport’s leading heating, gas and boiler experts. And we specialize in Worcester Bosch boilers and boiler systems, providing boiler maintenance, servicing, repairs and installations for homeowners and landlords across the North West region. And we don’t just work with Worcester Bosch combination boilers either. We also […]

Maintenance advice for Worcester Bosch boilers

Boiler maintenance is essential for keeping your boiler in effective working condition. Maintaining your boiler can help you notice any changes in your boilers efficiency and performance, as well as any potential issues. This will help you solve problems as they arise,instead of resulting in a full boiler breakdown. Here at Mark Vernon, we are […]

Why is a summer service good for your Worcester Bosch Boiler?

Here at Mark Vernon Heating and Plumbing, we are leading¬† Worcester Bosch experts. And this is our to guide to why you should consider servicing your boiler this summer. So,why is a summer service good for your Worcester Bosch Boiler? Now that the weather has finally improved, here are our top reasons to service your […]