Condensing technology for Worcester Bosch boilers

One of the best things about a new boiler is the level of efficiency. While you might think this is only relevant to the environment, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions, but it actually benefits you too. A more efficient boiler is one that uses less fuel, to achieve the same or improved outcomes. Being able to do more with less is a great quality for any product, especially your boiler. And this is achieved with condensing technology. So what do you need to know about condensing technology for Worcester Bosch boilers?

Understanding condensing technology for Worcester Bosch boilers

Condensing technology allows Worcester Bosch boilers to perform much more efficiently.This is down to the increased size of the heat exchanger. This is the element that turns the fuel into heat to power your hot water and central heating system. The larger the size of the heat exchanger, the more heat can be produced from the same amount of fuel. This means that your boiler uses less fuel, to provide more heat.

This heat exchanger can also be used to recycle heat from waste gases that will be produced in the process. This means that Worcester Bosch Condensing Boilers are actually 90% efficient, turning 90% of fuel into heat. This is a much better conversion percentage than could be managed without the condensing technology.

Different types of boiler.

This technology is found in all new Worcester Bosch boilers, regardless of the type of boiler. So combination, system and conventional boilers will all use this efficient technology to heat your home thoroughly and effectively.

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