Why is a summer service good for your Worcester Bosch Boiler?

Here at Mark Vernon Heating and Plumbing, we are leading  Worcester Bosch experts. And this is our to guide to why you should consider servicing your boiler this summer.

So,why is a summer service good for your Worcester Bosch Boiler?

Now that the weather has finally improved, here are our top reasons to service your Worcester Bosch Boiler in the summer:

  1. Less active boiler- during the summer, it’s likely that you wont be using your boiler as frequently, with the central heating switched off altogether. But this can cause problems for your central heating system, when you turn it back on again in the autumn or winter. Or the lack of use could hide the potential issues that you might be facing in the months to come. Servicing your boiler in the summer can help to identify any potential problems, and can ensure that your boiler is still functioning effectively and efficiently.
  2. Flexible appointment times- because winter is such a busy period for heating and gas engineers, it can be difficult to get an appointment at a time to suit you. But in the summer, there is a lot less competition. So you can arrange for your boiler to be services at a time and date that best suits your schedule.,
  3. Problems or issues- if any problems or issues are identified when servicing your boiler, it will be much less inconvenient to have no heating during these warmer months, than it would in the autumn or the winter. This means that boiler servicing in the summer can not only help prevent future problems, but can help you resolve any issues over a longer period of time. This might also be financially beneficial too.

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