Advantages of installing a Worcester Bosch combination boiler this New Year

With 2021 fast approaching, many homeowners are checking over their to do lists, and deciding on the important changes they need to make in the New Year. For many, a new boiler will be top priority. Especially as the temperatures are set to plummet. But from all the available boilers, why opt for a Worcester Bosch combination boiler? Well, here at Mark Vernon Heating and Plumbing, we are leading boiler experts and we specialise in Worcester Bosch boilers. So, why should you choose a Worcester Bosch combination boiler this New Year?

What are the advantages of installing a Worcester Bosch combination boiler this New Year?

Choosing a new boiler can be challenging. From the technical jargon and lingo, to the practical decisions like where to install the boiler, or should you swap like for like, there is a lot to think about. But a combination boiler can often be a great choice. Especially for homes with only one bathroom, and a cloakroom or ensuite bathroom too. The advantages of a combination boiler include:

  • Unlimited hot water- because a combination boiler heats water directly from the mains, there is an unlimited amount of hot water that can be supplied. So unlike other types of boiler, you wont have to wait for the hot water tank to refill.
  • smaller size- combination boilers don’t use storage tanks or cylinders, so they take up a lot less space. They can also be fitted inside kitchen cupboards, or in other small spaces that are easy to get to.
  • less pipework- with no tanks, a combination boiler needs less pipework, and this means that installation is quicker and easier, with less mess.
  • good water pressure- because the water is directed straight from the mains, a combination boiler can provide a good amount of water pressure.

If you are looking for a new boiler installation, or need more advice, why not contact the experts at Mark Vernon Heating and Plumbing?