Installing a Worcester Bosch boiler in the garage

When choosing a new boiler you also have the option to relocate the boiler, and move this to a more practical location for you and your household. The garage has become a popular option, but what are the benefits of Installing a Worcester Bosch boiler in the garage? And what are the potential drawbacks?

What are the benefits of installing a Worcester Bosch boiler in the garage?

There are a number of advantages and benefits to installing a Worcester Bosch boiler in the garage. These benefits include:

  • More space in the home- installing a boiler in the garage can help save space in the home, inside the room where the boiler should have been installed. Whether this is the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, you will find that you have more space, and less disruption to your decor, as well as less disruption for boiler servicing and maintenance.
  • Frost protection- most Worcester Bosch boilers now provide frost thermostats¬†and are very well insulated to protect them should temperature drop to freezing. This means that unless you live somewhere very cold, simply insulated your pipes should be enough to keep your home warm, and your boiler working, no matter the temperatures.

What are the drawbacks?

However, there are some drawbacks to also consider when thinking about installing a Worcester Bosch boiler in the garage. These drawbacks include:

  • Instant access- if your boiler is located in your home, you can generally access this instantly, even if you were in the shower, and the water temperature drops. However, if your boiler is in the garage, you may find it more difficult to access it in this instance, especially if you need to leave your home to get to the garage.
  • Boiler controls- you will need to make sure the boiler controls and thermostats are all within the home otherwise this will not be practical for adjusting the indoor temperature.

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