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Choosing the right size Worcester Bosch boiler for your home

When it comes to choosing a new boiler, there are a lot of decisions to be made. From choosing Where to position the new boiler, to researching which rating is the most important, finding and installing a new boiler can be a challenge. However, choosing the right size boiler is a fairly easy decision, once […]

Advantages of installing Worcester Bosch boilers in the loft

Here at Mark Vernon Heating and Plumbing, we are leading¬† Worcester Bosch experts. And this is our to guide to what you should consider when positioning your new boiler in the loft, and the advantages of installing Worcester Bosch boilers in the loft. What are the important considerations for installing Worcester Bosch boilers in the […]

Considerations when choosing a new Worcester Bosch Boiler

Choosing a new Worcester Bosch boiler can be overwhelming, with the wide range of choices available. Not to mention the variety of unfamiliar terminology and the pressure of choosing the right type of boiler for your home. However, here at Mark Vernon heating and plumbing, we are Worcester Bosch boiler experts. As a result, we […]

Legal Gas and Boiler Requirements for Landlords

From boiler and gas appliance installation, right through to repairs and maintenance, Landlords have a range of legal requirements. Here at Mark Vernon we are Southport’s favourite plumbing, heating, and boiler specialists. As a result, we work with Landlords across the area to make sure that the legal gas and boiler requirements for Landlords are […]