Advantages of Worcester Bosch Condensing Boilers

When it comes to Worcester Bosch Condensing Boilers, here at Mark Vernon Heating and Plumbing, we are experts. We know that your domestic heating, and your boiler are vital to day to day life. But what about condensing boilers? Is it worth upgrading to a condensing boiler? This is our guide to the advantages of Worcester Bosch Condensing Boilers.

Worcester Bosch Condensing Boilers

Condensing technology helps boilers be a lot more efficient than in previous years. This is because they make use of a heat exchanger of an increased size. The role of the heat exchanger is to turn the fuel into heat to power your central heating and hot water. However, it can also be used to recycle heat from waste gases produced. This means that Worcester Bosch Condensing Boilers are actually 90% efficient, turning 90% of fuel into heat. This is a much better conversion percentage than could be managed without the condensing technology.

Boiler Regulations

In fact, condensing technology is now used in all new boilers, and if you are installing a boiler into your home, it must be a condensing boiler, with very few special case exceptions. But why are condensing boilers necessary?

The advantages of condensing boilers

There are two huge advantages of Worcester Bosch Condensing Boilers, including:

  • Saving the environment- From bags for life to energy saving showers, world leaders and the general public are becoming more conscious of the plight of the environment than ever before. Condensing boilers produce much less waste, as it recycles much of the waste produced. As a result, they pour less gases into the atmosphere and help lower pollution. In addition, they also use less fuel to heat your home when compared to a non condensing boiler. This lowers the strain on our limited natural resources.
  • Money saving- It’s not just the environment your Worcester Bosch Condensing Boiler could be helping. It can also help out your wallet too. In fact, you could save up to £300 a year on your energy bills because of the condensing technology.

If you are looking for a Worcester Bosch Condensing Boiler to be installed, why not contact us at Mark Vernon today?