Advantages of Worcester Bosch boiler servicing

Boiler servicing is something that home-owners should consider on an annual basis. For landlords,  it is your legal obligation to service any gas appliances with the frequency required by the manufacturer. Fro your boiler, this probably means an annual service. But why does your boiler need to be serviced? And what are the advantages of annual boiler servicing? Well, here at Mark Vernon, we are Southport’s leading Worcester Bosch boiler experts. And we provide repairs, installation and services across the region. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of Worcester Bosch boiler servicing.

What is boiler servicing?

A full boiler servicing generally entails:

  • visually examining your boiler closely, including all of the inner parts and pieces
  • thoroughly testing all of the inner components and noting down the results of each test for the owners interest and proof of testing
  • checking the gas pressure and making sure there are no leaks throughout the system
  • making sure the flue isn’t blocked, cleaning the flue and checking the emissions
  • cleaning all the individual parts to get rid of any dust or debris that can block the system

By thoroughly checking your boiler over, a professional gas expert can identify any issues with your boiler, or any potential problems that might arise. On completion of the boiler servicing, the professionals will then rebuild and reconnect all the pieces of your boiler and make sure it is functioning as it should be.

Advantages of Worcester Bosch boiler servicing

So what are the advantages of this yearly process? Well, there are a number of advantages, including:

  • early identification or any problems or issues- especially wear and tear, which would not be noticed any other way. This early access means you can replace pieces and parts before they break, and prevent a full boiler breakdown
  • legal cover and evidence for insurance purposes should anything go wrong with your boiler, that would require a costly replacement
  • safety and peace of mind

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