Why are Worcester Bosch the UK’s leading boiler brand?

When it comes to boilers, there is one brand name that stands out above the others: Worcester Bosch. While Valiant used to rule the boiler tables, for the past 12 years, Worcester Bosch have sold more boilers than any other company, and even been voted “Best Buy” for Which? magazine for the past 8 years. But why are Worcester Bosch the UK’s leading boiler brand? And are people just paying for a brand name?

So, why are Worcester Bosch the UK’s leading boiler brand?

So, why are Worcester Bosch number one? Well there are a number of reasons, including:

  • Worcester Bosch boilers are built to last- on average, these boilers will last for 10 – 15 years without needing any additional attention, apart from the annual service.
  • Worcester Bosch boilers have a great guarantee- all Worcester Bosch boilers come with a ten year no quibble guarantee. So you can be sure that your boiler is a good investment, and will be under guarantee for the majority of its natural lifespan.
  • Worcester Bosch boiler parts are made in the UK- even though Worcester Bosch has actually moved to Germany, they still have a UK manufacturing plant, so parts are readily available right here in the UK! this means you wont be left waiting for weeks without the right part to fix or repair any problem or issue.
  • Worcester Bosch offer a range of boilers- you can get a Worcester Bosch boiler that is suitable for any home, and any property. This flexibility with selection means that whatever you are looking for, you know where to find it with Worcester Bosch,

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