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Comparing Worcester Bosch boilers and Vaillant boilers 

When choosing a new boiler, there are a number of factors to consider. One of these is the brand or type of boiler you choose. Both Worcester Bosch boilers and Vailant boilers are popular options across the UK, with strong reputations. So what should you consider when comparing Worcester Bosch boilers and Vailant boilers? And […]

Problems associated with a faulty boiler heat exchanger

The boiler heat exchanger is an essential component that is responsible for heating the water that is circulated through the system to heat the home. However, occasionally this can become faulty, or break completely, but what are the main problems associated with a faulty boiler heat exchanger? What are the most common problems associated with […]

How can a Worcester Bosch boiler service improve energy efficiency?

An energy efficient boiler is essential for reducing energy usage and lowering energy bills. The Worcester Bosch Greenstar range are some of the most energy efficient boilers available, and these can maintain such a high level of efficiency with annual boiler servicing. But how does a boiler service impact on energy efficiency, and what are […]