Causes of a leaky Worcester Bosch boiler

A leaking boiler is one of the most common issues faced by both home owners and landlords alike, and a leak can be very problematic. But what are the causes of a leaky boiler?

What are the causes of a leaky boiler?

A leaky boiler can be caused by a range of issues and factors including:

  • Corrosion
  • Damage to internal components
  • Issues with the seals or gaskets

How can corrosion cause a leaky boiler?

As a result of the metal being continually exposed to heat and moisture, corrosion can easily occur within the boiler and this is one of the most common reasons for boiler leaks. Small holes and cracks may result from this corrosion, allowing water to leak out of the boiler. Numerous things, like improper maintenance or the usage of hard water, can lead to corrosion forming within the boiler, creating points of weakness.

Damage to internal component can cause leaks

Leaks can also be brought on by damage to internal parts like the heat exchanger or the pressure relief valve. These parts are constantly stressed, and over time, they may sustain damage that causes leakage. Inadequate installation, poor maintenance, or even simple wear and tear might result in this kind of harm.

Seal or gasket damage can cause leaks

Problems with the boiler’s seals or gaskets are another frequent source of leaks. These gaskets and seals are intended to keep water and steam inside the boiler, but when they age or sustain damage, water may leak. Age, faulty installation, or even just the boiler’s continuous expansion and contraction as a result of temperature variations, can all contribute to this.

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