Keeping your Worcester Bosch boiler running in the summer 

Keeping your boiler running efficiently during the summer months in the UK is important to ensure that it remains in good working condition and is ready for the colder seasons ahead. While the demand for heating may be reduced during this time, there are still several reasons why you should pay attention to your boiler and take steps to maintain it. 

Important steps for keeping your Worcester Bosch boiler running in the summer 

So what are the most important steps you should take to keep your boiler running efficiently and effectively throughout the summer? Well there are several things to consider, including:

  • Routine maintenance- Firstly, the summer is an ideal time to schedule routine maintenance for your boiler. Regular servicing can help identify any underlying issues or potential problems before they escalate, saving you from unexpected breakdowns when you actually need heating the most. A qualified heating engineer can inspect and clean the components, check for leaks, and ensure that the boiler is operating at its optimal efficiency.
  • Regular use- Most Worcester Bosch boilers provide hot water for both heating and domestic use, and even in the summer, you still need hot water for showers, dishwashing, and other daily activities. Regular boiler usage, even if it’s just for hot water, helps prevent components from seizing up due to lack of movement. It also prevents the build-up of sediment or limescale that can affect the boiler’s performance over time.
  • Summer mode- Some Worcester Bosch boilers have a feature called “summer mode” or “holiday mode” that allows you to set the boiler to a lower temperature during periods of reduced usage. This helps save energy and reduces unnecessary wear and tear on the system.

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