Problems with your Worcester Bosch boiler

Here at Mark Vernon, we are Worcester Bosch boiler experts. And we install, maintain, service and repair these boilers around the region. But why do boilers experience problems? And what are some common problems you might encounter? Well, this is our guide to problems with your Worcester Bosch boiler.


Hard water can play havoc with any boiler. This is because it contains particles of magnesium and calcium that are not found in soft water. As a result, when the water is heated within the boiler, the calcium bonds with the carbon dioxide to produce calcium carbonate, or limescale. This limescale can coat the pipes and the boiler, as well as the radiator, and makes it harder for your central heating system to work efficiently. In fact, your boiler might start to make rumbling noises, or whistling noises, like a kettle. To stop this from reoccurring, you could powerflush the system. This would remove lime-scale and return your boiler to full efficiency.

Lack of pressure

A boiler that has a lack of pressure, will struggle to push the water around your central heating system. This means that your radiators will not heat up as much, and neither will your water. A drop in pressure can be caused by a water leak somewhere in your central heating system, and this means that you might need to hire a professional to take look and identify the source of the issue. They will also show you how to re-pressurise the system.

Lack of Heat or Hot Water

Finally, your boiler may stop producing heating,or hot water, completely. Usually one or the other will cause a problem, and sometimes the issue will be with the central heating system itself, rather than the boiler. For example, if you have hot water but no heating, your radiators may need bleeding. However, it is impossible to identify the issue without  a professional opinion.

If you experience any problems with your Worcester Bosch boiler, contact the experts today, here at Mark Vernon.