What to Take Into Consideration When Purchasing a Heated Towel Rack

One of those ultimate luxury items that everyone wants is a heated towel rack, when looking into which one to purchase can be overwhelming and can often put people off. But how can someone pass on an appliance that heats your towels as you bathe so they’re nice and toasty once you get out? Here’s a guide on what to take into consideration when getting your own!


The towel rack needs to be just right in order to let off the right amount of heat that will warm your bathroom but not burn your towels leaving you feeling frustrated. Having your towel rack too hot can also cause a lot of safety welfare problems too, often you could find that you burn yourself which is what we want to avoid. You need to measure your BTU output so that you can narrow down your search.


Rationally thinking about how many towels you need and how many people will depend on the size of your towel rack. It’s important that you grab measurements of your bathroom so you have the right knowledge before you buy.

Modern or Traditional?

Depending on the style of your bathroom will make you look closely at the finish of your rack, make sure you pick out a colour or a design that you really have fallen in love with so it doesn’t become an eyesore in your bathroom.


Look beyond the outright price but furthermore think about what the cost will be to your home and if you can realistically afford it as they can be pricey if left on throughout the day. If means be then you can scrape the heated idea altogether and get a basic stylish towel rack to complete the room.