Controlling Worcester Bosch boiler pressure settings

When it comes to your Worcester Bosch boiler, you can be sure of great quality, and good longevity. Especially if you keep up to date with regular boiler maintenance and boiler servicing. Here at Mark Vernon, we are Worcester Bosch boiler experts. From installation and maintenance, to servicing and repair, we can help keep your boiler in tip top condition. And part of this is maintaining the boiler pressure level. But what is this, and why is it important? Well, this is our guide to the Worcester Bosch boiler pressure settings.

Pressure settings for Worcester Bosch boilers

All boilers need to be kept at the optimal level of pressure to perform efficiently and effectively. A boiler with not enough pressure will be struggling to heat your home, or provide an adequate level of hot water. Which means it will need to work much harder than usual, and this is not very efficient. Too much pressure, and your boiler will still struggle to reach desired temperatures. In fact, pressure issues can lead to a full boiler breakdown. So keeping an eye on the pressure gauge should be a regular part of your boiler maintenance.

Controlling Worcester Bosch boiler pressure settings

As with the majority of boilers, Worcester Bosch boilers should be set to one bar of pressure for optimum performance. If your boiler pressure has dropped, you could:

  1. Switch off your boiler and wait for the system to fully cool down
  2. Locate the filling loop hose and ensure that both ends of the hose are attached to the valves.
  3. Open the valves very carefully with the handle, or a screwdriver, and allow cold water from the mains to enter the system. You will be able to hear the water flowing in.
  4. Watch the pressure gauge as the water enters the system and once it hits 1 bar, close each of the valves in turn.
  5. The pressure should stay at this level. But if it drops, even after a few hours, you need to contact the professionals.

For professional support with Worcester Bosch boiler pressure changes, get in touch with the experts, here at Mark Vernon.