Give Retro Boilers a Chance

To raise awareness of boiler efficiency among consumers, Plumb Centre has introduced a retrospective boiler labelling scheme which was launched by the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council.

This particular scheme encourages numerous gas engineers to issue an energy efficiency label, also known as the ‘Retro Label’ onto all non-condensing boilers that feature a permanent pilot light. This is to be issued when they are visiting homes for servicing and maintenance checks.

This is aimed to increase consumer awareness with the result being that boilers that have been rated E or below, are replaced with more efficient models. If a boiler replacement is not possible or practical, this particular label can be used to generate conversation around other energy efficient schemes such as pumps, filtration, flushing and controls. Labels are also free of charge via all major boiler manufactures.

Category Director – Richard Harvey states, “The retro label provides an easy way for installers to start a conversation with a home owner about his or her ageing boiler. Consumers are now quite used to seeing energy labels on the products they buy so this is something they can easily relate to and its message is clear to understand. As a completely voluntary scheme, it’s up to each installer to decide if it’s something they can use, but if it provokes a constructive conversation then I’d argue its use has been worthwhile”.

It has already been well received by registered gas engineers who attended a PHEX exhibition, as it offers them a clear way to introduce boiler efficiency to their customers. These labels also appear on various electrical products including fridges and washing machines so homeowners are used to seeing them every day.

The label has already been endorsed by a multitude of companies and it is already being backed.