Save money on your heating bills

As the weather becomes increasingly bitter, it is natural to use our heating systems more often. This however, can lead to increasing heating bills causing strain for some households. So, what can you do to keep these costs down? Here at Mark Vernon we have produced this guide to help you save money in the colder weather.

Don’t turn up the thermostat

It’s a common reaction to reach for the thermostat when the temperature drops. However, this common mistake can cost you a lot of money annually. It’s actually the thermostats role to maintain a constant temperature in your home. This means if you usually have it set to 21 degrees (room temperature) then the thermostat will make it stay at 21 degrees no matter the temperature outside. In fact, turning up your thermostat just makes your home warmer than usual. As a result, you will use more gas and pay more for your heating.

Make use of cheaper electric rates

Many households aren’t aware that there is actually a cheaper rate of electric available. This is often in the evening or at night time. As a result, if you have an electric heater, you should try and use it only in the evenings. This also means that you can reduce your reliance on the central heating in the evenings, and instead use your electric. Spreading the use of fuel this way can save you money on heating bills. Contact your electricity supplier to find out more about cheaper electricity tariffs for evening use.

Make repairs to window seals

When the temperature outside is cold, you don’t want cold air causing a draught. Make sure you repair any broken seals around windows or doors. As a result, your home won’t lose heat through tiny gaps and you might not use as much gas.

In summary

Saving money on heating bills is a common concern, especially as the winter progresses. You can save money by not turning up the thermostat, repairing any broken seals or small gaps, and making use of electric heaters at appropriate times. For all your gas and boiler needs, contact us at Mark Vernon today.