The 3 most common plumbing and heating problems in winter

Winter is a testing time for all the plumbing and heating in your home. Three of the most common problems at this time of year are:

1. Broken or faulty water heater system

This is a regular problem in the winter due to sudden or prolonged cold weather. Water heater problems are one of the most common reasons for calling a plumber. We recommend that you have your water heater serviced before or during the winter to ensure it doesn’t break down on you. Also, make sure the temperature on your heater is high enough. For gas heaters, be sure to regularly check that the pilot light stays lit.

2. Frozen pipes

The most obvious sign of a frozen pipe is a restricted water flow. So keep an eye out for changes in flow, typically slow-running water from hot or cold taps. You’ll want to get professional help at the first sign of a problem as frozen pipes can lead to a whole range of problems from flooding to damaged walls. While you wait for the plumber to arrive, you may want to run a tap lightly to provide water flow. This may prevent the problem from getting worse.

3. Broken or leaking water line

This can cause severe damage to your home. To help avoid disaster, ensure that your garden hoses are drained and disconnected prior to the start of cold weather. You should also drain all outdoor pipes and make sure they are empty of all water. If you get snow, ensure that it doesn’t block drains as this can be another site of backed-up or frozen water, leading to breaks or leaks.

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