Be on the look out for soot

If you have an older boiler with a large metal vent outside your property, check the bricks from time to time to ensure there is no build up of soot coming from the flue. This is a warning sign of a dirty boiler, and while it may just need a good clean, the soot could also point to a more serious problem.

Cleaning a boiler will take us a couple of hours with some stiff brushes, a sturdy vacuum cleaner, and plenty of sheets to keep your property clean from the fine dust. As we have to strip it down, that will also be a good time to get the boiler checked over. Cleaning can help improve performance and will reduce the risk of blockages that could lead to a dangerous build up of carbon monoxide, or damage to the boiler.

We can also flush your radiators, with our powerflush system that will remove any crud that has built up over the years, to ensure there are no blockages. We will also check your radiators are free from air buildup, which prevents even heating. Those services combined will provide peace of mind and a warm home over the coming winter.

If your boiler is approaching the end of its life, we can also look at installing a new, more efficient combi boiler that will save you money on your energy bills. Selected models come with a seven-year guarantee, so you can also stop worrying about what happens should your new boiler suffer a problem.

We are a Gas Safe register company, and an approved Worcester boiler installer working in the Southport, Birkdale and north west area with 25 years of experience. Should it come to the worst and your boiler does break down, we do offer a fast call out service, but by being prepared and well serviced, we hope to avoid that.