Winter is coming… so check your boiler!

The clocks have gone back, the temperatures are dropping and the Christmas adverts are hitting our screens.

Yes, winter is almost here and it’s time for your boiler to get used to the daily rigmarole of heating your property again. Before the cold snap really starts to hit, here are a few checks you should make now to ensure you aren’t left wanting later on in the season.

Check your heating

It might still be fairly mild where you live, but turn on the heating regardless, and check whether your radiators are still working properly and if your thermostat is heating to the prescribed temperature.

Get your boiler serviced

Even if everything seems fine and dandy in November, this might not be the case in the frozen depths of January. It’s a good idea to service your boiler at least once a year, and the best time to do that is before you’re likely to use it most. If you don’t, it could end up costing you more in the long run.

Bleed your radiators

If radiators are failing to warm, this could be because air needs removing, rather than the boiler itself needing maintenance.

If you have a pressurised system…

Ensure that pressure levels are within the recommended parameters, even when the system is not in use. If it’s too low, don’t worry: you can top it up. However, if pressure is too high, it’s best to call in a specialist.

If you have a condensing boiler…

Check that any pipes – especially those that run outside or through your loft – are sufficiently insulated against the cold. You won’t believe how many times we’ve been called out because pipes have been blocked up by ice, preventing boilers from working!

If your tired old boiler just isn’t up to the job of traversing another long, cold winter, get in touch with Mark Vernon Heating and Plumbing. Our Gas Safe Registered boiler installers can safely remove your old boiler and install a new, more energy-efficient combi model.