Top 10 Tips to keep your home warm this Winter

It doesn’t matter what type of house you have; you can always make it more energy efficient – especially during Winter. On average, 25% of heat loss is through the roof, walls and floor and nobody wants a draughty house so below we’ve put together the best tips on how to keep your home cosy and warm during these Winter months.

1. Consider fitting draught excluders to your outside doors and letterbox and this will stop cold air from getting in.

2. Purchase heavier curtains that are lined to keep the warm air in.

3. Ensure that all of your radiators aren’t blocked by furniture as this can stop any heat from getting into the room.

4. Increase your loft insulation, this way air will be trapped and you’ll have a warmer house.

5. Install thermostats on your radiator and boilers and regulate your own temperature.

6. Make sure all your hot water and heating pipes are well insulated and if they appear to be damaged or not working, book a service test.

7. Clear out all your gutters and any drains that may be making your walls damp and cold.

8. Double glazing windows are great for trapping heat and keep noise levels from outside down to a minimum.

9. Put down rugs to stop the cold air from getting in through your flooring, it’ll be warmer and your feet will be nice and toasty.

10. Electric heaters are great if you’re only using one room but always remember to read the instructions and never leave it plugged in either overnight or when you leave the house.

There are many other ways to keep warm during the Winter, these are just some of our top tips to get you started! If you have any questions. Get In Touch.