Tips on how to Reduce those Winter Heating Prices!

Everybody likes to stay warm in winter and sometimes you’re paying more than you need to on your heating bills when really, there are all sorts of ways to increase the warmth in your home without paying extra!

Insulate your Loft

Because heat rises, it’s not surprising that the majority of it is lost through your roof, hence the need to make sure your loft or attic is well insulated. Go up there and make sure there’s plenty of insulation to cover your loft, check the ceiling, floors, walls and any crawl spaces.

Dress Warmer Inside

If you’ve got a spare jumper, throw that on and turn your thermostat down a touch. This way you can keep warm with a blanket and a brew whilst your heating isn’t cranked up to the highest setting. Purchasing a programmable thermostat is great as it automatically lowers the temperature when you’re out, this way the heats on less while you’re not actually using it.

Reduce Heat in Unused Rooms

If you have any spare rooms that you’re not currently using, close the heating vent and this way all the heat will stay indoors. This also works well if you have well insulated walls.

Insulation Blankets

Most hot water heaters are already quite well insulated but many of them can lose heat and a great way to make sure this doesn’t happen, especially with an old water heater is to purchase an insulation blanket in order for it to keep the heat inside so it doesn’t escape.

Space Heaters

If you only spend time in one or two rooms in the house, drop the temperature even lower on your thermostat and invest in a space heater. It’s a lot cheaper to run and you’re heating only a couple rooms in your house and not all of them!