Advantages of Worcester Bosch system boilers

Here at Mark Vernon Heating and Plumbing, we are Southport’s leading heating, gas and boiler experts. And we specialize in Worcester Bosch boilers and boiler systems, providing boiler maintenance, servicing, repairs and installations for homeowners and landlords across the North West region. And we don’t just work with Worcester Bosch combination boilers either. We also work with the system boilers, and regular boilers too. But what is a Worcester Bosch system boiler? And why should you choose one? Well, this is our guide to Worcester Bosch system boilers.

What are Worcester Bosch system boilers?

Worcester Bosch system boilers are a kind of halfway option between combination boilers, and regular boilers. They use a hot water storage cylinder, but all of the major heating and hot water components are built into the boiler itself. This means that a system boiler is far easier, and quicker to install than a more complicated regular boiler. And there is no need for a large tank in the loft. However, it’s not quite as easy, or small as a combination boiler. So why would you choose one?

What are the advantages of Worcester Bosch system boilers?

There are many benefits of Worcester Bosch system boilers, for specific households, with a particular set of requirements. The benefits include:

  • Constant hot water for multiple taps at the same time- in a home with multiple bathrooms, this can be extremely beneficial. There will be no need to queue for a shower in the morning!
  • No loft tank- this means that your boiler doesn’t take up as much space, and there is less pipework necessary. You also won’t need to worry about frost or leaks.
  • Efficient and economical to run- so you could cut down on your monthly bills

For more information, or for a Worcester Bosch system boiler installation, get in touch with the experts today, here at Mark Vernon Heating and Plumbing.