Maintenance advice for Worcester Bosch boilers

Boiler maintenance is essential for keeping your boiler in effective working condition. Maintaining your boiler can help you notice any changes in your boilers efficiency and performance, as well as any potential issues. This will help you solve problems as they arise,instead of resulting in a full boiler breakdown. Here at Mark Vernon, we are Worcester Bosch boiler experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to the important pieces of maintenance advice for your Worcester Bosch boiler.

Dust and dirt

Dust and dirt can be a nightmare to a boiler. And if you want to keep your boiler up and running, you need to keep it free from dust and dirt. This is because, any dirt that does enter the boiler, can interfere with both the fans and the filters, as well block pipes and lodge onto heating elements. Any foreign bodies that creep into the boilers system can reduce performance and output.

Boiler pressure

The pressure gauge on the front of your boiler should be checked frequently to make sure your boiler is operating effectively. The pressure gauge would have been set to 1 bar during the installation of the boiler. And a boiler that is losing pressure, or gaining pressure, could be a showing signs of an ongoing issue. That could result in a full boiler breakdown. As a result, a drop in pressure is usually a good indicator that you should contact a professional and certified gas engineer.

The water level

Along with the boiler pressure, the water level in your boiler is also something that you should check frequently. Although you probably never think about it, the water level is a key indicator of the health of your entire central heating system. A boiler that is losing water could have a leak. And if left untreated, this could be very costly.

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